Acne Treatment Through The Ages

Many case properly that acne is a result of our contemporary unhealthy lifestyles which where we have moved far from the more natural as well as healthy ways to live. Nevertheless, the past history of acne is much more complex compared to such basic historic outline. Actually, the historical records seem to suggest that in old Rome showering in warm brings was thought by them to be a therapy for acne. These springtimes consisted of sulfurous water, and this could have been exactly how 19th century skin optometrists discovered the strength of sulfur as an acne remedy. Given that the beginning of the twentieth century, however, the rate of experimentation pertaining to acne blew up

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find out the history of acne treatment

What you must know about fish oil supplements before it’s too late

There is a lot of confusion among consumers when it comes to fish oil, it”s benefits and what makes the best fish oil supplement. Dr. Weil cuts through the confusion with his knowledge of fish oil, omega 3 fatty acids and their benefit to human health.

Fish Oil

Important fish oil supplement facts